Countertop Freezers for ice cream by Tecnocrio

The 3 models of countertop freezers of the GELATISSIMO range may be programmed at different temperatures, depending on the type of product to be preserved, so it will be always ready to be used. These models are used for: artisanal gelato (ice-cream), industrial ice-cream, special flavors ice-cream, frozen yogurt, “granita siciliana” or sorbets, assorted creams, our countertop freezers are very compact and versatile, so they may be used mainly for gelateria (ice-cream parlors), confectioneries, catering, restaurants, hotels and boarding houses, bar and coffee houses and/or all business that wish to offer to customers a good ice-cream without purchasing a large display cabinet. The countertop freezers are complete with a two-layer transparent lid to allow for perfect visibility of the product.

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