About Us

Stamatis BekiarisMy name is Stamatis Bekiaris and I am the founder and managing director of GastroPro.
 After working for many years for several companies selling commercial equipment, I started GastroPro because I wanted to be able to offer my personal choices of products to my clients.

I would like to share with you a few facts and some of my feelings for this project.

GastroPro is a family operated company. It is planned to remain a small family operated business.
Well, maybe when the family grows bigger someday we will rewrite our business plan but for the moment we will stick to the current.

GastroPro is not just a brand. It represents my devotion to the sector of foodservice equipment and it is my personal way to express many years of experience in the field.

GastroPro is not just a company. It is a personal project. When you purchase items from the e-shop or when you send an email asking for more information your inquiries will reach a person that will try to serve you quickly and offer you the best solutions. Furthermore, all customer inquiries and all replies are under my personal supervision. If we do not feel confident that we will serve you in the best possible way and that our products are adequate for your required purpose then expect from us to inform you that we prefer not to offer you any services or products.

GastroPro is your number one source of equipment for commercial kitchen and shop fittings.
Our aim is to offer a well-organized catalog containing products that we can be proud of.
We have done our research, we have studied the market and we have checked all the options.
Some of our items are high end, state of art equipment and their price is only comparable to their value.
Other products are targeting the price-sensitive clients. Although we always try to find the best balance between price and quality, we never compromise.
You will not find domestic appliances in our catalog, neither will you find equipment that has not been tested in a real professional environment for at least 2-3 years before we decide to add it to our listings.

Needless to say more, I wait for your comments and questions and wish to you a great experience using GastroPro website!

Stamatis Bekiaris