From 1960…

In the early 1960s, Piero Musso – a refrigeration engineer like his father before him – hit on an absolutely revolutionary idea almost by chance. He decided to build a small machine specifically for restaurants and businesses that wanted to make small amounts of ice cream without massive investments in oversized equipment. He went on to develop and patent his brainchild, which quickly turned into his main business activity. His range went from family-sized ice-cream makers to machines for small restaurants and gatherings. By taking part in important international trade fairs, he made his machines known from Europe to Australia and, in the mid-1990s, he took on the challenging American market.

…to today

His transatlantic success transformed him from a small craftsman to small business and his machines were written up by leading international publications, including the New York Times and the Financial Times, to name but a few.

Today in the third millennium, the goals are exactly the same as they were in the early 1960s. Musso aims to strike a balance between the traditional craftsmanship involved in entirely Italian made machines – with all the attention to detail and practicality that entails – and developing new markets and production technology.


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