4 Burners Gas Stove with Static Gas Oven and Gas Broiler mod. CPG874GG

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The gas stove CPG874GG is made of stainless steel with cast iron burners and pan stands. The burners are all equipped with safety thermocouple and have a power of 3,5 kW and 6kW. They are available with manual or electronic ignition.

Thanks to their high quality and efficiency, the burners grant a stable and uniform flame, essential for professional cooking.

The gas stove CPG874GG is available with a Gn1/1 Static Gas Oven (4kW) with Gas Broiler (grill). Tray holders and one Gn1/1 sized grid are included.

  • Number of burners: 4  
  • Cast Iron Pan Stands: 4
  • Burner Power: 2x3,5 kW & 2x6 kW
  • Oven type: Static Gas  & Gas Broiler 
  • Oven Power: 4 kW (Gas Burner)/4 kW(Gas Grill)
  • Door: Front opening with reinforced hinges at the bottom
  • Cooking Chamber Capacity: 4xGn1/1  (trays not included)
  • Baking Tray Distance: 75mm
  • Baking Tray Support: Chrome Wire
  • Oven Rack Included: 1
  • Device Feet: Stainless steel, adjustable in height
  • Dimensions: 800x700x900mm

Designed and manufactured in Italy.

*Ships 25 days after order.

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