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Gas Doner Kebab Grill model HERCULES 4 for 80Kg

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Produced for heavy-duty professional use and fast roasting.

The motor is located at the back of the machine and it is connected to the spit through a rotating axis located at the bottom of the spit rather than being directly attached at the top of the spit. This position has the benefit of protecting the motor from the heat produced by the burners. 

The core of the burners is a ceramic tile with 3600 curved passages so the mixture of the gas is burned homogeneously and in a highly eco-friendly way with low emissions.

The ceramic surface reaches temperatures of up to 1150oC, emitting infrared radiation.

The high quality of ceramic materials used ensures that there will be no wear or corrosion due to the high temperatures or the sudden fluctuations of hot and cold air that often happen.


  • Dimensions: 50 x 71 x 103cm (length x widths x height)
  • Number of Burners: 4
  • Total burner power: 14Kw
  • Maximum meat load: up to 80Kg
  • Total dimensions of heating elements: 18x64cm

Designed and manufactured in Greece by:Vrettos

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